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Your privacy is very important to us. Your personal information will be used, if requested by you, to contact you regarding future programs, contests, promotions and events by LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE. It will also be used for LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE's internal marketing research purposes. From time to time LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE offers our members an automatic entry to our contests. We will notify you via email that you have been entered. Your personal information will remain confidential to LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE. It may, however, be disclosed to any entity that acquires LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE or any of its individual properties provided such entity similarly agrees to protect your privacy. We may also use third parties to process some aspect of the personal information for our use, provided that they similarly agree to protect your privacy. If you have a privacy question or concern you may contact LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE in writing at the following address: LES PROMENADES DRUMMONDVILLE, 755, René-Lévesque Boulevard, Drummondville, QC J2C 6Y7.

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